The Council of the Cooperation Assembly set democracy and public space as the the main topic for social scientists to cover in the next Estonian Human Development Report

The shortcomings and potentials of democracy appear also in public space – our daily living environment as well as in the discussion space that shapes physical space. The last human development report “Estonia at the Age of Migration” (edited by professor Tiit Tammaru)  stated that, in times of trans-nationalism and in the context of ageing and shrinking population, the question of living spaces and spatial policy is becoming more and more important regarding social cohesion and openness of the society. The attractiveness of the living environment is also crucial regarding the global competition for talents and working hands.

The next human development report therefore analyses the health of democracy through the lense of public space, social cohesion and sustainable development. The report will touch upon spatial development in the digital era, the physical space for customs and traditions and local democracy. As always,the report will be compiled using existing studies and available data.

The contest for the main editor and for contributors runs until 28th of February 2018.

After the Council of the Cooperation Assembly has chosen the new main editor, the work with the content can start. The office of the Cooperation Assembly is responsible in coordinating all tasks related to publishing the report.

The next Human Development Report will be published in mid-2019.


Read about compiling the Human Development Reports: “At a glance: The preparation of the Human Development Report” by Teele Pehk, CEO of Estonian Cooperation Assembly