Initiatives of the EIA

The Estonian Human Development Report (EHDR) is a unique collection of articles published every two years offering a science-based reflection of Estonia’s current situation and possible development choices. Decision-makers in politics, economy and various other sectors can draw upon the data and future scenarios compiled by esteemed Estonian scientists to inform their decisions and strategies. EHDR’s key messages have inspired numerous initiatives by the Estonian Cooperation Assembly aimed at sharing these valuable insights with institutions, government authorities and the general public across Estonia.

The travelling exhibition Hometown Compass, which toured Estonia from 2020 to 2021, was based on the Estonian Human Development Report 2019/2020: Spatial Choices for an Urbanised Society. The engaging exhibition tour was a pioneering initiative aimed at promoting the topics covered in the report. It sparked discussions, brainstorming sessions, spatial experiments, and new initiatives related to creating a living environment that promotes well-being. Below, you can explore the insights gained from people’s perspectives on ten Estonian towns that the exhibition visited and the impact it left behind.

In 2022, we were pleased to introduce the Hometown Compass e-handbook, which emerged as an outcome of the exhibition. The handbook presents 12 stories of experiences from various places in Estonia, showcasing how smaller initiatives can contribute to creating a more welcoming and homely living environment in people’s hometowns.

In 2023, the Estonian Cooperation Assembly collaborated in the production of the third season of the ETV programme Selge Pilt. Once again, the focus was on the EHDR, particularly the key messages of the 2023 report, which centred on mental health and well-being. The show featured researchers and experts who contributed to the report.

In the spring of 2023, we partnered with the Ministry of Social Affairs to launch the Mental Health Starts Here cooperation day tour. The primary aim of this tour was to encourage representatives from various disciplines to cooperate regionally with a focus on one key message from EHDR 2023. Mental health support services and activities at the municipality and community level have great potential but are underutilised in Estonia.