Civic education and coooperation

The web portal promotes dialogue between the citizenry and decisionmakers by inducing the Riigikogu and local governments to move towards openness, transparency and greater cooperation. The broader aim of the portal is to promote a culture of cooperation and discussion based on a partnership between the public authorities and citizens’ initiatives, and to change the related ways of thinking in society at large.


A prerequisite for open dialogue is members of society that know their rights and are able to exercise them. To this end, we are working to raise awareness of civil rights among the general public and promote their implementation. In addition, on the web portal, we offer civic education related to information literacy and digital participation opportunities by partnering with experts in formal and non-formal learning. 

Young people are one of the main target groups in the promotion of civic education. And this is why we aim to contribute to the development of school democracy. In cooperation with educational institutions and partner organisations, we are promoting the direct participation in democratic processes among young people and enabling them to digitally practice real-life democracy exercises in school life and social studies classes. Life-skills-based education about democracy helps to contribute to an understanding of the equitable functioning of the state and encourages young people to participate.

The vision of the web portal is to develop into a comprehensive environment where innovative democratic opportunities can be learned and tested and put into practice in order to bring about change at both the national and local level. 

Based on the experience it has acquired from the development and management of the web portal, the Estonian Cooperation Assembly can provide theoretical and practical knowledge, in the form of counselling, consultations or public speaking, related to the implementation of participatory democracy in the digital age. Please contact us at