The Foundation Estonian Cooperation Assembly was established by President Ilves in 2007 as a cooperation network for non-governmental organizations. The foundation monitors topics which influence Estonia’s long term development and that are seen as priorities by its members. Estonian Cooperation Assembly develops analyses, proposals and policy advice on these topics together with all interest groups.

ECA’s foundation document is a charter, which is renewed every three years by the members of the Assembly. The Charter phrases the areas and themes, which ECA will monitor and analyse.  The charter, which was approved 2014, details the development of the good governance plan, developing the People’s Assembly web-platform and starting a topical social partnership for beginning long term reforms as the priorities of ECA

From 2006 the ECA compiles the Estonian Human Development Report.

Estonian Cooperation Assembly’s everyday work is overseen by a CEO, who reports to the Council. The Council has 8 members. Four of these are assigned by the president of the Republic of Estonia, the other four members are chosen by member organisations.

The ECA is financed through the Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia.