The program of The Foundation Estonian Cooperation Assembly is based on a charter approved in every three years. The charter phrases the fields and themes that the Estonian Cooperation Assembly will monitor and analyse. Charter 2014 approved in 2014 details the development of the good governance plan, developing the People’s Assembly’s web presence and starting a topical social partnership for beginning long term reforms as the priorities of the Estonian Cooperation Assembly.

During the three year program of the Good Governance Program we analysed the functioning of the state sector and worded suggestions for achieving simpler, more transparent, logical work organization that is suitable for Estonia. In the end of 2015 we will summarise how well the suggestions made in the good governance plan have been realized in the government.

We are creating a web environment based on the “People’s Initiative Law” (the right to collectively address the parliament with 1000 signatures) that was formulated during the process of the People’s Assembly in 2013. Deliberative democracy and co-creation are the keywords that describe the new web platform also in the action plan of the open governance 2014-2016.

A social partnership program is being initiated where we will at first be developing suggestions for achieving a sustainable pension system.

From 2006 the Cooperation Assembly has been publishing The Estonian Human Development Report that is based on the United Nations’ methodology. Over the years this has also become known as the yearbook of Estonian social sciences. Currently preparations are made for the 2017 development report.

Previously the Cooperation assembly has put together the Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy for the years 2014-2020. The strategy was created in collaboration with The Ministry of Education and Science and Centre for Educational Research and Innovation.