Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy (2008-2013)

Developing life-long learning is one of the main political and social challenges of Estonia, which would support the rise in quality of life and the development of the economy. Estonia has a small population but has set high goals in terms of quality of life and good economy. Therefore it is necessary for the citizens to be entrepreneurial and have modern knowledge and skills. It is also essential to create access to learning possibilities both in the formal and informal education systems. The main goal of the education system is to help people socialize, find an area of work which corresponds to their interests and abilities, and prepare her for her roles in work, public life and family.

Life-long learning system is much wider than the formal education system. Therefore it is necessary to have a long term strategy , which would help develop a life-long learning system.

During the year 2013 the Ministry of Education and Science with the Estonian Cooperation Assembly and the Estonian Education Forum will  develop the Estonian Life-Long Learning Strategy for the years 2014-2020. The goal is to create a strategic framework for the bonded management of the educational field and for the effective use of the European structural funds in order to increase the competitiveness of Estonia during 2014-2020.

The main principles behind the strategy: organisation of Estonian education is effective and of high-quality, Estonian educational system is open to all in equal terms, Estonian educational system is accessible and the Estonian educational system meets the needs of employers and employees.

Based on a three-way agreement concluded by the Estonian Cooperation Assembly, Estonian Education Forum and the Ministry of Education and Research, a draft of the Estonian Education Strategy for the years 2012 to 2020 was drawn up and handed over to the minister in June 2011.

Project Estonian Strategy for Education and Lifelong Learning preceded the the Estonian Life-Long Learning Strategy for the years 2014-2020.

On February 13 th 2014 the Govenment approved the Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy.