Member Organizations

The program of The Foundation Estonian Cooperation Assembly is based on a charter approved in every three years. The charter phrases the fields and themes that the Estonian Cooperation Assembly will monitor and analyse. Charter 2014 approved in 2014 details the development of the Good Governance Program, developing the People’s Assembly‘s web presence and starting a topical social partnership program for beginning long term reforms as the priorities of the Estonian Cooperation Assembly.

Organizations that belong to the collaboration network:

  1. Society of Academic Cooperation
  2. B. G. Forselius Society
  3. Estonian Bar Association
  4. Estonian Union of Journalists
  5. The Estonian Trade Union Confederation
  6. Estonian Union of Apothecaries
  7. Estonian Union of Doctors
  8. Estonian Dental Association
  9. Estonian Trade Association of Engineers
  10. Estonian Sobriety Association
  11. Estonian Insurance Association
  12. Estonian Association of Real Estate Companies
  13. Estonian Council of Churches
  14. Estonian Club
  15. Estonian Culture Chamber
  16. Estonian Association of Culture Clubs
  17. Estonian Academy of Arts
  18. The Estonian Village Movement
  19. Estonian Union for Child Welfare
  20. Estonian Parents Union
  21. Estonian Aviation Academy
  22. Estonian Nature Protection Association
  23. Estonian Association for Rural Women
  24. Association of Municipalities of Estonia
  25. Estonian University of Life Sciences
  26. Estonian Taxpayers Association
  27. Estonian Male Choir Association
  28. Estonian Maritime Academy
  29. Estonian Music and Theater Academy
  30. Estonian Association of Women
  31. Estonian Women’s Associations Roundtable
  32. Estonian National Youth Council
  33. Estonian Olympic Committee
  34. Estonian Homeowners Association
  35. Association of Estonian Municipal Unions
  36. Estonian Association of Pensioners’ Societies
  37. The Estonian Chamber of Disabled People
  38. The Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce
  39. Estonian Farmers Union
  40. Estonian Librarians Association
  41. Estonian Union of People’s Universities
  42. Estonian Folklore Council
  43. Estonian Social Work Association
  44. Estonian Sports Association Kalev
  45. Estonian Business Association
  46. Estonian Farmers Union
  47. Estonian Consumer Protection Union
  48. Estonian Academy of Sciences
  49. Estonian Health Promotion Association
  50. Estonian Union of Food Producers and Farmers
  51. The  Estonian Employers’ Confederation
  52. Estonian Non-formal Adult Education Association
  53. Federation of Estonian of Student Representations
  54. Estonia Cooperative Society
  55. Federation of Estonian Student Unions
  56. Junior Chamber International Estonia
  57. Association for the Protection of Children’s Interests
  58. Estonian LGBT Association
  59. Estonian Society for Lessening Tobacco-and Alcohol Damage
  60. Sportclub Liikumine
  61. NPA Active Estonian Young
  62. PROLOG-Estonian Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
  63. The Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Estonia
  64. Estonian Association for the Club of Rome
  65. Estonian Children’s Fund
  66. Domus Dorpatensis
  67. Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
  68. TTK University of Applied Sciences
  69. Tallinn University of Technology
  70. Tallinn University
  71. Tartu Higher Art School
  72. Tartu University
  73. Estonian Employees’ Unions’ Confederation TALO
  74. Estonian National Commission for UNESCO
  75. NPO Together for Children
  76. Russian Academic Society
  77. Society of Estonians Abroad