The Estonian Human Development Report 2012-2013

EIA_esileht2The Estonian Human Development Report 2012-2013 “Estonia in the World” analyses the position of Estonia in quality studies conducted in Europe and the rest of the world and also looks at the methodology and principles of international comparisons.

Besides the regular UN Human Development Index the Estonian Human Development Report (EHDR) also looks at studies compiled by the World Bank, OECD amd World Economic Forum. Data gathered by international expert-orgnaisations such as Eurostat, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Freedom Forum, Transparency International, Global Economic and Peace Institute etc. have also been used.

Estonian Human Development Report 2012-2013 “Estonia in the World” is divided into five chapters: Human Capital (Editor Mati Heidmets), People and Society (Editor Marju Lauristin), Welfare and the Quality of Life (Editor Anu Toots), The Economy (Editor Jüri Sepp), Globalisation and Policy Patterns (Editor Erik Terk).

The chapter on globalisation includes also an expert-study especially ordered for the EHDR, which finds out what are the views of Estonian policy makers, cultural society, economic players and Ph.D graduates of last year on Estonia’s position and tasks in the globalising world. The study also assesses the future prospects of the EU.

This EHDR has altogether 31 authors from Tallinn University, Tartu University, Tallinn University of Technology, Praxis etc. Editor in chief is the Professor of Tallinn University Mati Heidmets.

The pdf-version