About us


The Estonian Cooperation Assembly is a think tank established by the decision of the President of the Republic in 2007, which:

  • monitors social issues that impact Estonia’s long-term development;
  • develops a cooperative network of non-governmental organizations;
  • formulates proposals, policy recommendations and new initiatives;
  • promotes open governance, participatory democracy and civil society.

Since 2007, the foundation has been publishing The Estonian Human Development Report and since 2015, has been curating the citizens’ portal rahvaalgatus.ee, which is focused on initiating discussions and compiling collective appeals.

The activities of the Estonian Cooperation Assembly are based on its Charter, i.e., the strategy adopted every three years by the cooperation network and its strategic partners. The Charter was preceded by a social agreement concluded on 20 October 2003.
The independent, nonpartisan foundation has dealt with the following areas of activity: public health, education, the quality of life and the workforce, interethnic relations, public administration and public sector reform, and the promotion of participatory democracy (People’s Assembly, People’s Initiative website).

The Estonian Cooperation Assembly is in the administrative area of the Office of the President of the Republic and is financed from the state budget.
In our activities, we adhere to the code of ethics of public sector associations.