Sustainable pension system

The Estonian Cooperation Assembly is on the position that social reforms that influence the society at large and are unavoidable should be prepared and implemented only through timely and participatory societal discussion. To increase collaboration and trust between participants the foundation initiates a substantive dialogue as a central focus of non-governmental social partnership in order to trigger reforms that are relevant to partners.

When making decisions about the sustainability of pensions all relevant related topics, such as the reform of benefits for disabled and special pensions, additional retirement benefits based on years of employment, and special conditions for retirement, changes in obligatory pension fund payments, need to be taken into account. Decisions made with these reforms will impact the future of pension insurance.

The present situation and future action plan for the sustainability of pension insurance was introduced to the target groups by the The Ministry of Finance and The Ministry of Social Affairs on the 10th of March 2015.

Promoting the sustainability of the state pension insurance. Analysis. (in Estonian)

On the 20th of March 2015 the first discussion round over the pension earned based on number of years in employment and special conditions for early retirement was held in The Estonian Cooperation Assembly.

The reform of special conditions for early retirement and old-age pension based on years in employment (in Estonian)

Old-age pension with special conditions and old-age pension based on the number of years in employment (in Estonian)

On the 2nd of June 2015 The Ministry of Social Affairs initiated wider discussions in collaboration with The Ministry of Finance and The Estonian Cooperation Assembly in order to analyse the pension index and the appropriateness of the age set for old-age retirement and its effect on the financial and social sustainability of the pension insurance system. The first meeting of the executive group that promotes the sustainability of the state old-age pension took place.

Terms of reference (in Estonian)

First summary by the executive group (in Estonian)

Promoting the sustainability of the state old-age pension. Presentation. (in Estonian)

First informal opinions of the representative organisations were submitted by the 19th of June 2015. The Estonian Cooperation Assembly summarised the opinions and will use them as a basis for making a respective analysis.

Promoting the sustainability of state old-age pensions, July 2015, summary of opinions(in Estonian)
Extra to summaries 1-3 (in Estonian)