Teele Pehk rääkis 18. septembril 2018 avatud valitsemise partnerluse (Open Government Partnership) üleilmsel veebinaril sellest, kuidas on neli aastat Eestis kehtinud rahvaalgatusõigus on aidanud parandada avalikke teenuseid. Rahvaalgatusveeb aitab samuti avalikku poliitikakujundamist läbipaistvamaks ja koosloomelisemaks muuta. Seega on see omamoodi avalik teenus.

Ingliskeelne veebinar “Citizen Engagement in Public Service Delivery”  keskendus Eesti, Mongoolia ja Gruusia kogemustele.

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OGP webinar: Citizen Engagement in Public Service Delivery

September 18, 2018 9:00 – 10:00 AM EDT (Washington D.C.), 3:00 – 4:00 PM CEST (Berlin)

Transforming public services to meet the true expectations of the citizens and to create public value is indisputably a challenge requiring not only the public sector to innovate in order to address the citizens needs. Citizens and civil society have also an important role to play in improving and delivering public services. Experience shows that improving the design and quality of public services, coupled with efforts to foster public participation through closing the feedback loop, is a process that enables government to build a real bridge connecting each and every citizen. Engaging citizens in improving public services provides the possibility to renew the social contract between government and citizens. Improving service delivery is also high on the OGP agenda and has been a priority of Georgia as OGP-Chair.

Considering this background, this webinar aims at sharing good practices on engaging citizens in improving service delivery. Particularly, it will focus on innovative solutions to closing the feedback loop and hearing each citizen’s voices to improve public service delivery. This webinar will also look into the challenges and potential avenues to take citizens engagement in public service delivery to a new level, in particular, moving beyond a consultative approach on citizens’ engagement towards the spirit of co-creation, co-design and co-delivery of public services. By bringing together Estonian, Georgian, Mongolian and international experiences this webinar is designed to be thought-provoking and instigate discussion on how government, citizens and civil society can move towards more meaningful partnerships in improving public services. This webinar is part of Georgia’s strategic action plan developed and implemented within the framework of the co-chairmanship of the OGP. It has been developed with the support of UNDP.

Georgia will share good practices in engaging citizens in service delivery focusing on innovative solutions to closing the feedback loop. Georgia has gone through a rapid transformation of public service delivery with notable success. Since its launch in 2011 the Public Service Hall concept has become Georgian’s trademark showcasing a successful public service delivery model. Sharing good practices and lessons learnt on the Public Service Hall concept will, in particular, focus on the “voice of the customer”, a feedback system allowing citizens to directly participate in improving the service quality of the Public Service Hall.

Focusing on citizens’ engagement in service delivery from the citizens and civil society perspective, this webinar will look into good practices on engaging citizens in public services in Mongolia. Aiming at improving public services the organization Democracy Education Centre (DEMO) launched the Check My Service initiative in 2012. This initiative aims to assess the transparency and delivery of public services through the Community Score Card tool. This initiative did not only lead to significant improvements in engaging citizens in service delivery, it also resulted in effective citizens empowerment, increased transparency and improved relations between citizens, civil society organizations and government.

Taking citizens engagement to a new level, this webinar will focus on good practices from Estonia, in particular, the Estonian citizens platform rahvaalgatus.ee (direct translation: citizens’ initiative) – a global forerunner of e-democracy. As well-known leader in e-governance solutions, the Estonian representative will focus on good practices of using digital platforms for service delivery and e-democracy. Moving beyond mere service delivery the platform rahvaalgatus.ee focuses on e-democracy understood as improving the everyday relationships between citizens and public servants, using crowd wisdom in policy-making, engaging more people in solving societal issues, and contributing to openness and transparency of state and local governance.

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